Agriculture is the back born of our Kerala Economy .Institutional intervention for agricultural input and output is paramount for the development of agriculture. For a quite long time co-operative enterprises have been considered as an instrument of socio –economic change. Considering the importance of multiagency approach to rural development, and for capacity building of the sector, the government of Kerala has established the college of Co-operation, Banking and Management under the aegis of Kerala Agricultural University .The College from its inception supplies competent professionals for the institution of forward and backward linkages .The MBA programme on  Agribusiness Management is another feather in the crown of college. The three decades of her journey proved worthy of its existence. I wish fruitful years to come to the college in the process of development in the context of challenges posed by Global meltdown    


     The College of Co-operation ,Banking & Management has completed its 28 years and emerged as an institution of higher learning in Agribusiness Management .Keeping the mandate in its true spirit ,the college undertakes teaching, research and extension programmes in domains relevant and beneficial to the farming and related sectors including co-operatives ,financial institutions ,commodity boards, agribusiness organizations ,rural development and other support service institutions. This document is a combined effort of all the faculty members aimed at disseminating a brief overview of the programmes, facilities and activities of the college.